Manual Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique developed in the 1930’s. It stimulates the functions of the body's secondary circulation, the lymphatic system, encouraging the removal and filtering of waste, toxins and excess fluids from cells as well as boosting the body's natural immunity.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a system of techniques that help the lymphatic system to function effectively. It helps to boost the functions of the lymphatic system. It thus improves the circulation of lymph which helps fluid drainage from cells and the elimination of waste. It improves the production and distribution of antibodies and lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) thus boosting immunity from disease and stimulates the lymphatic system's filtering process helping remove toxins and bacteria from the body.It also works on the automatic nervous system, helping to slow the sympathetic nerves (which enable activity) and stimulate the

para-sympathetic nerves (which enable relaxation) helping us de-stress

Manual Lymphatic drainage has powerful cleansing, relaxing, pain relieving and immunological effects. It is a gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage. In any form, it can be applied to a wide range of pathologies, to great effect.

Manual Lymphatic drainage is used primarily to promote the optimal functioning of the lymphatic vessels that lead to the circulatory system and facilitates the removal of metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria,
large protein molecules and foreign substances from tissue via the lymph vessels and capillaries. It relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, reduces pain and enhances the activity of the immune system.

It is effective in the treatment of a wide variety of problems including edema, skin disorders, headache, sinus congestion, sprains and aches, stress, digestive disorders and before and after surgery to remove tissue congestion and minimize scar formation.

Western culture's diet of highly processed foods, stress the lymphatic system with excess wastes and toxins. Coupled with this and not enough fluid intake, many of us have sluggish lymphatic systems.

This causes more more waste products in our system and less energy. A self-perpetuating cycle begins. For this reason, any patient can benefit from lymph drainage as part of a general detoxification program. It can improve energy, increase cellular oxygenation and nourishment as well as build immunity.

Lymph flow is stimulated by a number of elements, including internal stimulation, arterial pulse, respiration, peristalsis and exercise. Exercise is the one variable you can use yourself to stimulate lymph flow.

Artificially, movement can be stimulated by manual lymphatic drainage, through triggering the receptors in the vessel walls. Manual lymph drainage is an extremely gentle massage and feels wonderful and relaxing. The majority of patients either fall asleep or go into a highly relaxed state, due to the slow gentle rhythmic motions involved. These techniques stimulate the movement of lymph through the lymph vessels.

In comparison to the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has not in the past been the focus of much research. However due its important role in the body's immune system it has subsequently become the focus of increasing interest in more recent times due to Covid 19 and people being more health conscious.

I’ve never had a treatment which made me simultaneously relax, laugh and cry, but Stephanie ended up life coaching me while she worked on my massage. It felt wonderful and she was so kind and helpful to talk to. She helped me get perspective on some issues in my life and I left feeling physically and emotionally better. Slept so well afterwards and now feel really calm which is exactly what I was hoping for. Wonderful.


- Harriet (Graphic Designer)

What an experience! I've been lucky enough to have many massages in my life. But none like the massages I experience with Steph. Frequent user is an understatement... Ideal for personalising the massage that you need! To really tackle problem areas or simply relax and rewind and everything in between. Lovely, thank you for your services and humanising your services. Simply fabulous and excellent value for money.

- Kriss (Charity Volunteer Co-ordinator)

The treatment was relaxing and pain relieving with optimal pressure. Steph used a variety of manual therapy techniques which helped to reduce muscle spasm and tension throughout my body. Steph has a calming aura and the treatment is within in a relaxing atmosphere to make you feel at ease and unwind from the stresses of daily life. After the treatment I had increased neck and shoulder range of movement and I can now look over my right shoulder which I had not been able to do for 2-3 years due to soft tissue restriction. I felt a huge release post treatment and my body felt fully relaxed and also increased ability to sleep since my treatment. I would highly recommend Steph for musculoskeletal body work for reducing pain, stiffness and enhancing relaxation for the mind, body and soul.

- Rory (Equine Physiotherapist)


I took my young daughter to see Stephanie for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage as she has been struggling with her health and Stephanie was amazing! She really made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease and was very informative during each step of the process. I would highly recommend Stephanie and we will certainly be booking with her again in the future.

- Adele (Full-time mum)

The environment that Stephanie has created for her sessions is beautiful, it compliments her style of practice. I really felt like she had healing hands immediately and was very knowledgeable. She clearly understands and is passionate about many facets of what good makes a great massage and healing session. I go regularly as it adds to keep me at my best.

- Robin (Chiropractor)

I would highly recommend Steph. She treated my back with various different manual therapy techniques which reduced the muscle spasm and sciatic pain I had from a fall allowing me to be able to move pain free and ride my horse afterwards. A relaxing environment to also be treated in. Thank you Steph!

- Hannah (NHS Physiotherapist)