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I am a qualified Massage Therapist since 2006 (ITEC Level 3 Advanced) where I practised in Marbella, Spain. I use a range of techniques such as Deep Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Relaxation, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Dry Cupping and Pregnancy Massage. I am also an NLP Life Coach trained in improving Exercise and Well-being with a particular interest in The Immune System and Menopause / Hormones. I offer a whole-body approach and tailor your treatment to suit your exact needs.


My home treatment room is next to the Remedy Oak Golf Course in a small village called Woodlands, just behind Verwood and Three-legged Cross. Easily assessable to Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. The clinic is light and airy with a tranquil countryside view. 


I am fully insured and a member of the FHT. It is very important to me that I help every person that I treat, especially those with ongoing chronic pain - I also work with local Chiropractors in the area.


Welcome to our Website and Downtime Agenda. Have you been putting your Wellbeing at the bottom of your "to do" list?  


Do you wish to feel more Energised, Relaxed and less Stressed?

This is a one-of-a-kind Bespoke Massage resulting in a totally unique Mind & Body Experience. 

Reminding us that Rest and Recuperation are a Necessity - Not a Luxury

Brown Containers
60 mins - £50 / 90 mins - £75
60 mins - £50 / 90 mins - £75

A Deep Tissue Massage is deeper massage and will target knots and muscle tension with a calming effect. This is a perfect way to reboot the body, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. It will invigorate and encourage waste removal as well as promote neural communication and cell regeneration. We will always adapt to the correct pressure to suit your tolerance level without hindering the impact of the massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage, also know as Manual Lymphatic Drainage boosts immunity by carrying white blood cells throughout the body to fight disease. MLD can give pain relief from Lymphoedema and Arthritis. It can also help with healing following surgery and cosmetic procedures. A lighter pressure is used with this massage because lymph flows just under the skin, but the benefits are huge. 

60 mins - £50 / 90 mins - £75
60 mins - £50 / 90 mins - £75

A Relaxation Massage is great to improve energy flow around the body, relieve muscle fatigue, encourage sleep, lower high blood pressure and soothe nerve endings promoting ultimate relaxation. This is helpful for ongoing chronic pain, the pressure can be firm or soft, you can choose and change it in the places that need it most. A perfect time out.

Pregnancy Massage can be of enormous benefit not only to the Mother but also to the unborn baby. Release pressure on the joints, ligaments and organs and reduce stress levels. Include an Indian Head Massage and Reiki depending on how you feel on the day. If there are any problem areas, we can work on these with as we move through the massage.



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